President Biden Breaks Silence on Armenian Genocide

Coalition Against Global Genocide Supports President Biden’s
Statement on International Recognition of Armenian Genocide

The Coalition Against Global Genocide (CoAGG) thanks and applauds President Joe Biden for his recent statement recognizing that the actions by the leaders of the Ottoman Empire in 1915 constituted a genocide committed against the Armenian people and other Christian groups.

The US Congress came to the same conclusion when they voted in 2015, the one hundredth anniversary of the tragedy of the Armenian Genocide, to publish A Century of Denial: The Armenian Genocide and Quest for Justice.

Genocide is a most heinous crime against humanity, resulting in overwhelming suffering and death for people identified and persecuted by race, religion, tribe or ethnicity. Too often after the violence of a genocide, we say and hear the words “never again.” Yet for those who have survived genocide and their descendants, our silence and denial allow these crimes to be overlooked, forgotten and, tragically, repeated.

The Coalition Against Global Genocide works to educate, motivate and empower individuals and communities to oppose genocide and crimes against humanity. We believe, as President Biden said, that we want and work for a future based on respect and peace for all people and reconciliation for past crimes against humanity.

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