NOVEMBER 5, 2023

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Join us as we mark 15 years of opposing genocide and crimes against humanity at our fundraising gala. Our emcee is Emmy Award-winning journalist and former CoAGG Board Member, Tamara Banks, with a special keynote speaker to be announced.


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Coalition Against Global Genocide’s Statement On The Current Events In Israel

Since Saturday, October 7, our world has been facing a new devastating tragedy as the result of the ruthless and unprecedented violence initiated by Hamas against the citizens of the State of Israel. As President Biden said on Tuesday, “The loss of innocent lives is heartbreaking.” From the brutal violence, there is unspeakable pain. Families and communities are wiped out, lives are shattered. The depth of sadness is nearly incomprehensible.

In the Coalition Against Global Genocide’s role as conveners and educators, we ask ourselves, what should our response at this time be? First, we need to acknowledge that Hamas has been classified as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union. Rather than working toward peaceful Palestinian self-determination, Hamas has consistently and increasingly chosen more violent means to accomplish their goals, including wiping out all Jews, starting with Israel. Second, the mass torture, rape, kidnapping, and murder of civilians of all ages, even babies and the elderly, are crimes against humanity and are all components of genocide. We also recognize that in these ensuing days, the suffering has grown and will continue to do so with more injuries and deaths. The killing of innocent civilians is never acceptable.

We must speak out. We must raise our voices in opposition to this and all forms of genocide and crimes against humanity. As we stand together in mourning with friends and family for the appalling loss of life, we also stand together in hope for a peaceful return of those being held against their will. We pray and rededicate ourselves to the work of revealing injustice, calling out hatred in all forms, and creating opportunities for understanding, compassion, and peace for all people.

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