CoAGG Statement of Support for Armenian Community

To Our Armenian Community:

The Coalition Against Global Genocide was terribly saddened to hear that the Khachkar Memorial located at the Colorado State Capitol was vandalized with spray paint during the recent protests in downtown Denver. This Memorial commemorates the Armenian Genocide and victims of all crimes against humanity.

We recognize and support the peaceful citizens who were in the area to protest the murder of George Floyd, but we strongly condemn those who turned the demonstrations into violent acts thus destroying everything in their paths which included the Khachkar Memorial. It is our hope that the peaceful protests will be heard loud and clear which in turn will create the change needed to create a peaceful society for all.  

The Board of Directors of the Armenians of Colorado asked us to include the following:   

“We ask that you please do not attempt cleaning this monument. The monument is made of volcanic ash and requires professional restoration by highly-skilled craftsmen. While we appreciate your good will, cleaning this monument will cause more damage. Thank you for your concern and please do not remove this sign. You are welcome to lay flowers in front of the monument (not on it) in solidarity.” 

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