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Annual Sermon Weekend to take place this weekend, April 12-14 In Honor of Genocide Prevention and Awareness Month

While many of us think of April as the first sign of spring and new beginnings, there is another association with this month that is both jarring and grim. April, designated as Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month, is a time of reflection and action – reflection on all the genocides that have happened in modern history and action […]

How War and Genocide Impact Women

“This moment, we seem to have wars everywhere, there’s violence taking place everywhere.”   These words, uttered by Dr. Pius Kamau set the stage for his podcast interview with Millete Birhanemaskel, journalist, activist, and Tigrayan Human Rights Advocate. In the interview, the pair discuss the atrocities of torture and rape as weapons against women during war.   Birhanemaskel […]

Unfinished business for the world’s women

This Women’s History month, is a time to celebrate the tremendous progress women across the world have made. But still, many members of my gender have ways to go to correct their brutish behavior towards women. I am in particular thinking of rapists that never seem to die. As we celebrate the liberation of western […]

Who run the world? Girls!

Alright, so maybe Beyonce’s lyrics aren’t necessarily a hundred percent true, but she’s definitely onto something. At the very least, these five words are an excellent reminder that women throughout history have (quite literally) changed the world. From backfilling for the male workforce during the First World War to securing the right to vote with […]

The Columbine Memorial was dedicated to the public in September 2007, nine years after 13 people were shot and killed at Columbine High School.

When a young student picks up a weapon and murders other youth, his parents and other adults in his family become part of the violent equation in his life. When one of these incidents occurs, they loudly trumpet deep familial dysfunction. Borrowing from Tolstoy: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in […]

5 influential Black Americans we don’t talk about enough

Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Parks. Malcom X. Frederick Douglas. Harriet Tubman. When we think of Black History Month, these are some of the names that come to mind. We’ve learned about these figures in school, in studying slavery and the civil rights movement, yet there are so many Black Americans who didn’t make it into our textbooks despite […]

Why do we need Black History Month?

At CoAGG, we are committed to educating and spreading awareness around global genocide and crimes against humanity, as well as addressing important work that needs to be done in our own backyard.  Because of this, we are launching content in 2024 that will highlight recognition and awareness of months such as Black History Month, Women’s […]

Definitions: Types of Mass Atrocities Crimes Against Humanity Crimes against humanity are defined as “any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population.” The acts include murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, imprisonment, torture, rape (and other gender-based or sex crimes), group-based persecution, enforced disappearance, apartheid, and “other inhumane acts of […]