Seven Ways You Can Help Prevent Genocide

  1. KEEP INFORMED.  Find out more about what is going on from various news sources and organizations.
  2. CONTACT THE MEDIA.  Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or to other news outlets to comment on their coverage of Darfur, or other genocides past and present, or to express your views about the importance of public attention to the story.
  3. COMMUNICATE WITH THE GOVERNMENT.  Contact your government representatives to let them know your views and concerns about events concerning genocides and crimes against humanity.
  4. SUPPORT RELIEF EFFORTS.  Find out more about relief organizations mounting efforts to help civilians affected by the crisis.  They may have ideas of ways you can help.
  5. GET ENGAGED IN YOUR COMMUNITY.  Talk about Darfur, or other genocides, to your friends, family, members of organizations you belong to, and coworkers-help spread the word.  Look for groups within your community who may also be working to help address the crisis.