Statement from the CoAGG Board Regarding the Negative Treatment of Asian Communities During the COVID-19 Crisis

The mission statement of the Coalition Against Global Genocide (CoAGG) includes the phrase “crimes against humanity” because there are many evils in the world that are not specifically genocide related.

The current xenophobia, discrimination and polarization against people of Asian heritage, due to the COVID-19 pandemic in our country, has inspired us to call out such acts that could lead to violence. In times past, such actions have led to genocide. CoAGG takes a firm stance against human rights abuses. “We cannot stand by and let false statements about Chinese Americans go unchallenged” says Linda Farb, chair of CoAGG.

In 1942, Colorado Governor Ralph Carr said “If you harm them, you must first harm me” in response to the internment of Japanese Americans—just one example of how our state has a history of supporting and welcoming those of Asian heritage, and we must follow suit.

Thank you to our coalition partners for sharing this letter and teaching our community to be loving and supportive during this difficult time. We hope you and yours are well and staying strong.


Board of Directors,
The Coalition Against Global Genocide

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